sábado, febrero 16, 2019
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Trump’s emergency declaration is legal and needed to protect America –...

President Trump took bold and decisive action in the best interests of the American people when he declared a national emergency Friday to enable...

Nigeria postpones presidential poll

Nigeria's presidential election delayed for a week - election commission

Oscars to be awarded ‘without edits, in our traditional format,’ Academy...

The Academy Awards on Friday announced that they would be scrapping their plan to award a handful of Oscars during the show’s commercial breaks.

Eskom crisis: Why the lights keep going out in South Africa

How did Africa's most-industrialised country end up running out of electricity?

Border declaration protesters arrested at NYC Trump hotel

Some people have been arrested while protesting President Donald Trump's national emergency declaration outside a New York City hotel that bears his name.

Long-nosed lover Cyrano returns to woo Paris in hit play Edmond

A half-British actor is the toast of Paris with his comedy Edmond - a new take on big-nosed Cyrano.

Cash-strapped Pakistan rolls out red carpet for Saudis

Imran Khan needs Saudi money to stave off an economic bail-out - but this is not a one-way relationship.

Gang leader called top ‘trigger puller’ gets life sentence

A man who prosecutors called Baltimore's "number one trigger puller" has been sentenced to life in prison for a gang conspiracy involving drug trafficking...

Week in pictures: 9 – 15 February 2019

A selection of the best news photographs from around the world, taken over the past week.

Crypto Nightmare: This Brazilian Investor Just Accidentally Bought Bitcoin at $20,000

Every crypto investor’s worst nightmare came true for one Brazilian trader, who accidentally bought bitcoin at a massive premium. At one point, he bought...